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When hell freezes over

Source: Facebook - SAIDA Cosplay

Source: Facebook - 銀心Cosplay

Source: Facebook - Haku_井小白小井

Source: Facebook - Jin (behindinfinity)
I found them trying to take SouMako shots so I ran from across the room and pulled Makoto away. (Sousuke really put up a fight) The others took pictures instead of helping me


And then arm wrestling

(Silly happenings during the Free! gathering last weekend. Thanks to Chena and Ivy for the photos!)

Check out Reskiy's coverage for more fun in video form! —

Source: Facebook - Felin Firn Cosplayer

V Flower :.vocaloid.: by maxiduarte

Until my blood is dry by NanaNoir

Impatience is bad for you. As is greasy food. by lulutetium

Cosplay Rosario To Vampire Moka 2 by Lucy-Dark-Dreams

Ryunosuke Ibuki by Sommeil-eternel